My name is Katrina Isabelle and I design and build websites, with a focus on clean user-friendly interfaces, and maintainable code. I also design print materials such as business cards, posters and brochures.


Graphic Design

Design that stands out — in print and on the web.

Web & UI Design

Beautiful & intuitive interactive experiences.

Web Development

Lovingly hand-crafted code — from HTML5 and CSS3, to jQuery and PHP.

SEO & copywriting

Search engine optimization using carefully thought out keyword phrases.


Design Battle

Web/UI Design

I did the web/UI design and front-end development for Design Battle, a game for designers. As this app was created in Ruby on Rails I had the opportunity to familiarize myself with using Ruby blocks and Ruby interpolation in HAML, as well as learning and falling in love with SASS, a wonderful CSS precompiler that is written in Ruby.

Design Battle is a community site where designers can sign up, and upload pieces of their work to be entered into a friendly competition against the work of other designers on the site. Users and visitors to the site are invited to vote on which design they like better out of two randomly selected pieces. In voting they are then asked to choose from a list of categories as a reason why they like the design. This info is collected and visually represented as a bar chart on an individual page that is generated for each design, providing valuable feedback to the designer about what other people like about their work and thus helping the designer to improve their skills.

Design Battle is currently in beta, so please excuse any bugs, lack of functionality or user-friendliness. That said, I would like to invite you to sign up and try it out if you have an interest. If you would like to provide feedback (look for the little tab on the right side of the page) it would be much appreciated!

Skills: HAML & SASS, Web Design, UI Design, Photoshop

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Bagel Time

WordPress custom theme design & installation

I designed a custom WordPress theme for a fictional client who needed a website for their restaurant. I installed the theme, extensively customizing the default blog-style landing page and created several other custom pages for the website, including a menu page, an about page and a location page. I set up the WordPress account with a custom post type for menu items, allowing the client to update the menu with ease.

Skills: Photoshop, PHP, HTML & CSS, Web Design

Multi-user Gallery

PHP MySQL Web Application / User-interface design

I designed and created a community photo sharing site, with a user registration system. Users can log in to upload photos to their gallery along with a title and description for each photo. Users can also like and comment on any photo uploaded to the site. Try logging in with the username '' and password 'audrey'.

Skills: PHP, MySQL, HTML & CSS, Web/UI Design

Multi-user Gallery Mobile Site

jQuery Mobile Website / User-interface design

This is a mobile website version of my multi-user gallery using the jQuery Mobile framework. The mobile site displays recently uploaded photos, all the user galleries from the desktop site, with individual photo pages and a top liked photos page. I designed a theme to match the desktop site using a combination of theme roller and my own code.

Skills: jQuery, PHP, MySQL, HTML & CSS, Web/UI Design

Adventure Time Character Database

PHP MySQL Web Application / User-interface design

A simple PHP/MySQL CRUD for a searchable database of characters from the Cartoon Network show Adventure Time. Feel free to test it out by adding, editing or deleting characters (see link below).

Skills: PHP, MySQL, HTML & CSS, Photoshop, Web/UI Design

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